SWART Solution

SWART – Unique analysis tool for project complexity and memory usage in embedded systems

Monitoring and managing memory usage have become crucial in ensuring embedded system’s performance and reliability. With that in mind, we have developed SWART, database stored continuous memory analyser in embedded systems. SWART offers a range of impressive features that makes it an invaluable resource for individual developers and companies.

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*SWART requires Windows 10 and above to run

Save time and effort with SWART

Implement SWART at the beginning of a project’s life-cycle so you can:

  • Check if you are on the right track with requirements
  • See if there is enough resources for additional features
  • Make sure right chip is selected before mass production

Save resources by being on top of your project at all times, instead of spending a lot of money at the end for code optimization or hardware improvements.


SWART in Continuous Integration

Whether you use cloud or in-house set-up, Swart can be easily integrated in any Continuous Integration environment. That way, each time project is compiled, Swart will perform new analysis and results will be stored for future reference.

Don’t worry, our expert will help you with setup and additional scripting.


With each build, SWART produces a snapshot with detailed information regarding:
RAM/ROM memory usage
components overview

Each snapshot, containing tens of thousands of data entries, is stored to produce comprehensive reports, including reports needed for the assessment of embedded system’s performance