About Us

Alternative Embedded Innovation is a Swiss company, established in late 2018. Its main focus is design and development of hardware and software for safety-critical embedded systems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used more and more in embedded systems and consequently we extend our services in predictable maintenance in this area. Our concept and analysis of Embedded Development applies visual, interactive and more reliable approach.

Product Development and Features

Thanks to our in-house multidisciplinary knowledge pool, we provide a wide range of services, from electrical-electronics, embedded software development to requirement visualization. Our services are demonstrated in the embedded systems listed below and successfully used on various projects.

Software Development for Hardware Anomaly Monitoring
Industry Automotive
Hardware Infineon TriCore 3x, SBC, MobileEye
Features Functional Safety Hardware Analysis, Memory Layout, StartUp/BootUp, SMU
AUTOSAR Basic Abstraction Layer Software Development
Industry Automotive
Hardware Renesas, Freescale
Features Bootloader, HAL, Startup, Mcu SelfTests, OS Setup, Multi Core Memory Layout, Degradation Concept, UML
R&D – SW and HW development of precise positioning systems
Industry Measuring Systems
Hardware STM32, STM8
Features DC Motion Control, Digital Regulators, MEMS Sensors Driver, Algorithms of Data Filtering
BLE5.0 Long Range Hardware Prototype and Software Development
Industry Measuring Systems
Hardware SiliconLabs, Nordic, Texas, STM32
Features BLE5.0 Analysis, Antenna Evaluation, Hardware Prototyping, Application Development
HW Prototyping and SW Development of 3D Positioning Systems
Industry Positioning Systems
Hardware Infineon TLE493D-A2B6
Features 3D Magnetic Measuring based on the magnetic field in three dimensions X, Y and Z, Application Development
Development of low power (SW) magnetic resonant coupling based on wireless power supply
Industry Measuring Systems
Hardware Analog electronics without any uC
Features Wireless power supply in the critical-limited environment
Artificial Intelligence

The application of the AI on the embedded systems* experiences rapidly growing acceptance. It’s been made possible by the Semiconductor Industry, which provides intuitive and market-compliant features such as Hardware Integrated Accelerator and Safety Management Unit. Detecting and solving anomaly tasks in real-time is huge milestone in predictive maintenance.

  We provide support to the customers in AI agent implementation and integration on the selected embedded systems. With our experience in the real-time anomaly detection, especially by GNG, we support the mathematics and AI specialists to bring their software ideas onto the hardware.

*Embedded AI is a challenging topic due the limited RAM/ROM resources and possible failure in implementation. The key to success is choosing appropriate estimation method in machine learning.

Embedded Hardware & Software

Our development services include the design of electronic circuit diagrams, SPICE simulations, the circuit board layout and the development of hardware abstraction software. With the help of ISO and AUTOSAR standards for checking safety-critical hardware and software, we minimize systematic hardware errors such as software reliability. Well designed hardware certainly reduces the effort for software development for critical systems.

Altium PCB electronic schematic and layout design; PCB production and assembly of the boards; serial communication protocol design; Switching Power Supply (SMPS) design; Assembling and testing different embedded device prototypes. All those activities and more are our fundamental basis.
  An unambiguous interface specifications from the hardware to the software is one of the opening regulations of ISO 26262-6. The clear definition of the hardware properties and transitions is the condition of proper transfer to the software domain. We help software teams achieving this goal.

HAL is the lowest level of software, directly connected to the hardware and peripherals. Services we provide in this field are based on our comprehensive experience and knowledge of semiconductor chips such as Infineon, STM, Freescale, Silicon Labs, Nordic, Texas Instruments.


We provide MATLAB/Simulink software development and apply Embedded Coder or Target Link C-Code Generator as a complement for semi-formal notations. For the informal method UML is language of design.


Unique tool for analysis of project complexity and memory usage in embedded systems

To help our clients monitor ROM/RAM of each SWC budget with assessment, trend and other reports, we have developed SWART, a memory-oriented software analysis tool.

SWART is a database stored continuous analyser of components’ ROM & RAM memory.

It provides big “data picture” throughout project’s life cycle and for the entire project’s software.



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